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Walk-a-Mile Centre for Advanced Orthopaedics

In the era of modern medicine with vast advances in technology, the way we practice medicine also needs to change. Providing excellent treatment requires continuous monitoring and inputs into patient care from more than one individual doctor, but from a team of highly trained professionals, each having a special subset of skills to offer. No single individual can be excellent at every aspect!

It is with this mind-set that Walk-a-Mile: Centre for Advanced Orthopaedics has been created. A Multidisciplinary team consisting of orthopaedic surgeons, other medical doctors, nursing sisters, physiotherapists, orthotists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists as well as specialist administrative personnel.

Together we can provide superior quality care!!

Dr Franz Birkholtz profile picture

Dr Franz. F. Birkholtz

Dr Birkholtz qualified from the University of Pretoria as a medical doctor in 1997 and comes from a family of doctors.o He started his post-graduate career in Orthopaedic Surgery in.2000. During his time as a registrar (resident), he created ..

Dr Phillip de Lange profile picture

Dr Phillip de Lange

Dr. de Lange completed his medical degree at the University of Pretoria in 2003. His main aim with studying medicine was to follow a career in orthopaedic surgery. He did his internship at Tembisa hospital in 2004 and...